Our Obstacles

The Rig

The Rig is our signature obstacle, standing almost 20m in length and 6m high this holds most of our grip strength type obstacles. With things like hanging ropes, balls, pipes and monkey bars this will prepare you for any OCR race out there and make conquering obstacles a breeze! 


The Track

The Track is home to all our strength type obstacles, with things like tires, gum poles, train tracks and buckets to carry. The Track is 160m long and forms part of the lap, but can also be used separately. Carry, Pull, Drag your way around the track it's really not more fun than you think! 

The Lap

The lap is 1km long with the majority being over technical mountainous single tracks, we have permanent obstacles on route such as a 50m balance beam and rope climbs. 1 lap gives you 70m elevation gain and can be adjusted as you see fit with the session you have in mind. You go past the Track on each lap so exercises there are also usually incorporated into the lap.